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Swarming Season is Here

Termite Swarmers

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AllGuard Serves Ventura, Santa Barbara Counties, and The West Valley

AllGuard Termite & Pest Control in Ventura, will rid your home of termites and leave you with a sense of satisfaction and security unmatched in the industry. Our licensed inspectors and technicians will meet and greet you with a friendly smile and will always have your best interests at heart: That’s a company guarantee!

AllGuard offers many different methods for the control of termites. We understand that every family's situation is different; one treatment method that may work for your neighbor may not necessarily work for you. We take every household's requirements into consideration and will offer you the options that best fit your needs.

Eco Friendly Treatment Options

Orange OilORANGE OIL products contain the active ingredient D-limonene. D-limonene is an extract from the rinds of oranges; it's the same chemical found in many of your household products.Orange oil is injected right into the wood. It moves through the porous cells of lumber and comes into direct contact with termites- proving fatal. Call today and see why so many are choosing this eco-friendly treatment. No need for overnight stays away from home. There's no need to vacate your pets and plants. No climbing around on the roof. You don't have to bag up your personal belongings.

BORA-CAREBORA-CARE: Simple protection. Impossible to beat. Bora-Care is the best way to protect your home from termites, ants, wood rot and more. Bora-Care is formulated with a concern for the environment. The active ingredient is a borate mineral salt. Its active ingredient has been scientifically demonstrated to work based on hundreds of university studies. Used as a pretreatment in new construction for termites and wood-destroying insects, or to eliminate existing infestations in homes. Prevention and remedial control of wood decay fungi and algae. Bora-Care diffuses into wood and remains there for the life of the wood, providing residual protection.

Traditional Treatment Options

Termidor TreatmentTERMIDOR: offers the best known liquid defense protection solution in the industry for the control of subterranean termites.This treatment is the number one proven application method used. Depending on the size of your home AllGuard can be finished with your properties perimeter treatment within a couple of hours!

FUMIGATION: Fumigations are an effective way to control dry wood termites. Fumigations do not have any residual. This means once you return to your home there is no need to wash dishes, furniture, clothing etc. Preparing is not that difficult; it includes carefully reading all documents provided by AllGuard. Trim plants away from the house and remove or bag up the food and medicines. Then you get a two-day vacation, and you’re done. AllGuard will walk you through the appropriate methods to insure that your home, plants, pets and family are safe.

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